weekly garden (week 11)


I never got around to taking or therefore posting about the garden last week.  I’m actually a bit embarassed to take pictures with all the weeds that are currently thriving thanks to feeling too pregnant to clean things up out there.  Brad got complimented on the garden by a lady walking by; sure makes me feel good.

{it’s amazing how full the phlox is.  i think i’ll transplant some to spread out the color next summer.}

{the candy lily is now in full bloom; definitely a favorite of mine.  it is another one that will get split for next year.  it started at a few and has multiplied to an unbelievable number.  let me know if you want some}

{not sure what this low grower is called, but it’s been blooming for a couple of weeks now also.}

{i love seeing the sweetpea with lots of color. }


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  1. yay! i got brad to pull some of the largest weeds last night when we were out for a few minutes. hopefully we can get some more taken care of later this weekend.

  2. I wish I could get just one little piece of our yard to look as nice as yours. We have two problems: 1) the soil out here is horrible, and 2) I seem to have lost my green thumb.

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