34 Week Update


We went to the doctor yesterday so I figure it’s time for an update of all things baby related.

Yesterday would have been 34 weeks, 1 day.  Our doctor made a comment about me being 34 and a half weeks.  This is the second time she’s done this at an appointment.  I’m beginning to wonder if she’s going with the original due date of Sept. 2nd rather than Sept. 4th which is what the first ultrasound said.  It’s only 2 days difference, but at this point, the closer we are the better.  We go back to see her in 2 weeks and then go every week until baby is born.  She did also ask if I thought I’d dropped a little bit.  I hadn’t noticed, but she seemed to think I had.  Good news in my mind!

We’ve (I’ve) been doing what we can to get things ready around the house.  I washed a load of laundry last weekend which was all her stuff.  I usually loathe doing the laundry, but it wasn’t so bad to take care of that load.  🙂  We also went out a couple weekends ago and got Dos her own version of Nate’s Hobbes.  Nate helped pick out what her special animal would be.  Sammy is happily resting in the bouncer seat in the baby’s room.  (Nate loves to turn on the music and the vibrator on the seat.)  We’ll see if Dos takes to Sammy the way that Nate has taken to Hobbes.  (Hobbes can be found each naptime and bedtime tightly tucked in Nate’s arm.)

A box of goodies for Nate and Dos arrived in the mail yesterday from my Mom.  I was excited to see that Mom had sent a few things for Dos that I’d be anxious to get.  One was a new crib sheet she’d made.  Because Nate has to have the original crib quilt each time he sleeps, Mom decided to make a new one for Dos.  Since there wasn’t quite enough of all the orignal fabrics she had to pick up one more that would go along.  I mentioned that it’d be nice to have another crib sheet and so she also made that.  (Isn’t she great!?!?!)  I can’t wait for the quilt to be done so I can see it also.  In the box were also several old dresses.  Most, if not all, are ones that my mom wore when she was a baby.  They’re so delicate and absolutely precious.  I can’t wait to take tons of pictures of our girl in them.

We were also able to visit both our hospital choices this week.   I think we’ve decided where we’ll deliver which is probably good at this point.  It’s definitely nice to have one more thing checked of the “to do” list.


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