weekend = hot and busy, but good


It was another busy weekend around here, but one which left us feeling good about our accomplishments.  Friday was more of a family oriented day as we just spent time around the house playing together and eventually headed out to do some shopping.  We were hoping to find some end of season deals on stuff for next summer especially for Nate, but we didn’t have a lot of luck.  We did end up finding him several shirts and 3 pairs of pants for the fall/winter here.  We also pick up one outfit for Dos and found a steal on a carseat cover for this winter.  (We got one for $8.50 rather than $40!)  I’m really picky when it comes to consignment shopping, but I feel good about everything we got them.  We also picked Nate up a new set of graphic tees from Children’s Place.  We usually find several there that we like; we got him this one, this one, and this one.  Hopefully he should be set for a while.  Saturday was work day.  We got the yard mowed (I’m still doing the mowing at 35+ weeks!!!) and trimmed, and then began work on the car and van.  We washed, waxed, and did a thorough cleaning of the inside of both.  The carseat for Dos is also installed and waiting for her arrival.  I told Brad that we won’t pick a day in the upper 90s to tackle projects like that again!!

Nate News:

  • He is doing some serious learning of his abc’s.  He can identify A, B, C, D, E, G, I, J, K, O, P, Q, and T pretty much all the time.  (Most of those have been learned in the last week alone.)  Lower cases that resemble their big letter are also known.  When you ask him what he wants to play lately he will usually take your hand and lead you to his magnetic board and letters.  I’m thinking we’ll have them all figured out in the next couple of weeks if he keeps up with wanting to practice.  Two shows that do a lot of letter recognition that he’s been super interested in lately are:  Super Why and Word World.  I do intend to get some video of his letter knowledge soon.
  • His sixth sense seems to have kicked in that something major is about to happen.  He is perfectly happy when he is with Brad and I, but is more apprehensive about other things that normally would be just fine with him.  Friday at the gym, he screamed when we took him to the kids room.  He usually walks right in and says, “bye bye momma”.  The worker had to have someone come get us, and we ended up heading home.  Then, although he talked about it all morning yesterday before we got there, he was very apprehensive about being left in nursery yesterday morning.  It didn’t matter than it was with all the normal workers and he was in the room with his favorites: the train table and the slide.  He stayed, but he didn’t have his normal enthusiam about going in.  We’re doing our best to be super understanding and patient with him because we know the upcoming transition is a big one. 

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