a slight misunderstanding


this is a kitty cat:

this is a meerkat:

Nate seems to be slightly, okay completely, confused.  He watched Madagascar with Ann a couple of weeks ago, and was very eager to tell Brad and I about all the animals in it when we picked him up.  As we looked at the box cover of the movie he pointed to each animal and told us about them.  “Giraffe is tall.”  “Lion rar.”  “Hip (hippo).”  “Zebra.”  “Pen (penguin).”  I decided to point out the meerkat and let him know what it was.  He caught on quickly.  The problem is that every kitty cat is now refered to as a meerkat.  And believe me, there is no convincing him otherwise.  Last night at someone’s house he had a great time with their “meerkat”.  (and surprisingly no allergic type reactions, who knows . . . )


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