the gator


nater-gator has been keeping us on our toes lately.

not only has he been showing us how quickly he’s growing up with new things learned almost daily (today in the car he told me, “follow the truck, mommy”), he’s been keeping us busy with health issues.

last wednesday evening i noticed his right eye was kind of red and had some eye goop.  i didn’t waste a second to see if it got worse or cleared up.  i called the doctor’s office immediately, told them what was going on and that I was also so close to having a baby.  i did not want to worry about the possibility of pink eye being passed around our house.  they called in a presciption w/out seeing him, and we immediately started treating his eye.  who knows if it was pink eye for sure, but i’m glad to know that it seems to be gone.

this weekend he was at dave and kay’s, and we know how much he loves to be at the farm.  he even ended up getting to ride a horse.  (i’ll post pics at another time)  sunday evening though he must have decided he was ready to come home.  he woke up from nap and after a bubble blowing session came inside to relax and ended up getting sick to his stomach.  after hearing his pathetic sounding, “momma” over the phone and having tears flood my eyes, i had no doubt i was ready for my boy to come home.

he seems to be back to normal now.  i think we might be hitting a growth spurt as he has been taking some unbelievable naps lately.  at the park today, his toes kept dragging in the sand under the baby swing he wanted to be in.  guess my boy’s going to have to graduate to the big kid swings.


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