under attack


we had a lot we wanted to accomplish thursday night after taking tori to the airport.

  (btw, i’ll share more about that once pictures have been loaded to dad’s site and i can steal some) 

we wanted to come home, eat dinner, go grocery shopping, mow the lawn, and relax.  things were going great until it came time to get the yard ready for mowing. 

i went out to wind up the sprinkler hose so that we go mow before it got any darker.  apparently our hose holder is also home to an unfriendly wasp.  we’ve seen him hanging around and searched for his home previously, but we’d never found it.  until thursday that is. 

i didn’t realize that i was blocking his front door, but he realized it and wanted me to know it.  instead of a polite “excuse me”, the meanie stung me. 

for someone who’s been stung by wasps throughout their lives, this might come as no big deal.  i on the other hand have gone just over a month shy of 30 years w/out a single encounter with a wasp stinger.

it hurt.  i freaked out.  tears were streaming.  i called for brad who was on the front side of the house.  i’m bawling at this point and panic is starting to set in. 

what if i’m allergic??  what does it mean for the baby??  what if my throat swells shut, and the baby is hurt??  am i having trouble breathing??

brad and nate have come in.  brad sits down at the computer to find out what to do for me.  nate starts asking dad for a kleenex.  (mom is crying therefore a kleenex is required.) 

time is creeping.  my arm is hurt.  brad is still at the computer.  nate is still trying to get daddy to hand him a kleenex.

finally nate gets the much desired kleenex.  i reach out to take it from him.  nope.  he insists on being the one to wipe my tears, just like i wipe his.  his sweetness melts me.  can’t help but smile a little.

i survived. 

i will not be watering the backyard again until we get some wasp spray and put that wasp through the same pain and panic i experienced.


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  1. I feel your pain….One time when I was out in the hayfield several years ago I mowed through a bee’s nest and one of the little boogers stung me right on the side of my nose. It was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life, I have to admit.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. I’m avoiding our backyard as well. Yesterday Derek found a rat living in our storage bin. It totally creeps me out and I don’t want to even take the trash out. So until we get some rat poison and take care of the nasty little bugger I’m hesitant to set foot outside.

    I’m so glad you and baby are OK.

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