things we’ve learned


here are a few things we’ve learned about our jilly:

  • she got her daddy’s dimples.  i’m so excited for the cute pictures these will make when she’s smiling!
  • she’s a grunter.  she doesn’t cry when she’s waking up in the middle of the night; she grunts.  (nate likes to mimic her when he hears her grunt.)
  • she can sleep through any amount of noise her brother makes, but is usually wide eyed when he’s got his hands on her.
  • she is one gas filled baby!!!  wow!
  • she sleeps really well at night and usually through the morning.  she does a good job a being awake in the afternoon/evening enough to make her tired at bedtime. 
  • she’s got some great neck control for her young age.  as soon as her cord falls off, we’ll be doing tummy time a few times a day.
  • she’s not a fan of the swaddle, but she seems to sleep well that way once she settles in.
  • we might have a thumb-sucker in the making – she loves to get her thumb in her mouth. 
  • we love her immensely!

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