the potty mouth mommy


Ah, I feel as if every word out of my mouth lately has to do with either one child or the others diapers.  Diapering now consumes an immense amount of my time each day.  I guess it only makes sense that it seems to consume so much of my thoughts and conversations. 

Nate has had a sudden interest in potty training starting last Friday night.  I’m not sure what sparked it, and it’s not the timing (Jilly only being 3 weeks old) I hoped for, but I am thrilled that he’s interested.  He’s been doing really well each time we put him on, but we have yet to be told by him that he needs to go.  Today is his first day of trying out big boy underwear.  I really hope to avoid the whole pull-ups phase of potty training.  I think it’s a huge money pit.  I might change my mind, but for now we’re going to try for underwear during the day and diapers in bed. 

Oh my!  Jilly wins the award for most diaper changes needed.  She goes through at least 15 diapers a day.  It’s not uncommon to change her both before and after feeding her and every now and then mid-feed.  And they aren’t joking when they say breastfed babies have explosive diapers!!!!  It’s unbelievable how much she can store up in her little self.  She also is a fan of doing more once you have the old diaper off and haven’t quite gotten the new one on.  She certainly keeps me on my toes and expecting the unexpected.

I’ll spare you any news of Brad in this area.

I know all this was tmi, but hey, this is my life right now.


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