wait, no one said there’d be poop on the floor (adventures in potty training continued)


yeah, that’s right – poop on the floor.

let’s back up a bit though.

saturday.  i’m feeding jillian back in our bedroom and mention to brad that it’s probably about time to put nate on the potty.  “he peed in his pants,”  is the statement i hear coming from the bathroom.  “oh no, he did more than pee!!!!”  at this point i can’t help but begin to laugh hysterically.  brad’s on his own since i’m in the middle of feeding jill.  the words “for once i actually wish i could breastfeed”  actually came out of brad’s mouth.  (which of course made me laugh even harder.)  so as i continued to laugh, brad turned into “hero dad” and cleaned up nate from his first (of probably many) poopy underwears.

sunday.  crazy busy day.  jill’s baptism = tons of family around and being away from the house.  decided to have a diaper day.  just easier.  the day was a dream day for nate.  grandma, grandpa, tons of desserts eaten, presents, no nap, his favorite teens over at our house, late bedtime. 

back to this morning.  he’s a bit on the tired side today.  mood swings are in full force and extreme.  he wanted to go potty about 30 minutes ago and so we headed in.  he peed like a champ which has become the norm.  much to my surprise, he also pooped in the potty!!!  much celebration followed.  i ran out of the bathroom to get a wet wipe to clean him.  while i was gone, he got off the potty and proceed to finish (didn’t know he wasn’t done before) pooping on the floor.  no one told me there’d be poop on the floor.

he’s now curled up on our bed with his whale pillow, cars blanket, and veggie tales movie.

(he and the floor are cleaned.)


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