what you can’t see


is that in the first picture Jilly got baptized this weekend. 

and in the second picture, she’s trying to show you one of her favorite hang out spots (being “held” by the boppy).

my camera which was the most perfect birthday surprise 4 years ago, is going/has gone bad.  tricks which have revived it other times in the past year have failed.  i’m truly crushed as i think of this.  i LOVE taking pictures.  and although my camera is dated, i LOVE my camera.  it makes me so sad that it picked such a terrible time to go bad.  jill will only be this small once.  and nate is doing so many absolutely adorable things now which need to be documented.  i can seriously start crying if i think about this too much. 

not sure what we’ll do since a new camera is no where in the budget.

must go before the tears that are welling up start to fall.


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  1. I feel your pain, our camera recently has had some issues as well. Maybe someone will suprise you for your upcoming birthday. (i remember yours because it is the day before Justin’s, who will be 14 this year, remember when he turned 8 in your second grade class?) Although those disposable ones aren’t all that bad. Good luck and keep the potty training stories coming, hilarious!

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