a visit from the parentals


My mom and dad were here this past weekend!!!!  I always love when family comes to visit; it’s just my kinda thing.  It was their first time to meet jilly other than through pictures and the webcam so it was extra special.  It was unbelievably helpful to have two extra sets of hands around to help out in whatever way necessary.  (Mom actually did our ironing which was the first time it’d been done since Tori was here and did it about 5 weeks ago.)  They were an absolute blessing when it came to keeping Jill and Nate content.  (I even got to sleep in twice!)

It was a busy weekend with them flying in on Friday evening and back out again Monday evening.  We seemed to keep in a constant state of motion to try to make the most of our time.  There was a of course shopping done by Mom and I, and big meals cooked.  Sunday we cheered Dad on as he finished his 3rd marathon with a new personal record of 4hr13min; naps were also a necessity later that day.  We pumpkin patched on Monday, but took so long checking out everything else we were all ready to go before actually taking a ride out to the actual pumpkins.  Plenty of pictures were taken, and I’ll let them show you some of our time together.


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