jillian: one month (a few days late)

seems that jill is just as surprised as we are that a month has already gone by.

she has grown a ton in the past month, and i’d love to know what her weight is at right now.  (we don’t go back to the doctor until 2 months)  over all she is doing more sleeping at night and less during the day.  until a few night ago she was going 5-6 hour straight at night, but the past few nights have not been as smooth.  her alert times during the day are spent studying her surrounding.  she’s given me a few smiles here and there, but nothing consistant.  we’ve done very little tummy time so far since i don’t like putting her on the floor when nate’s around. 

i’m sure the next month will bring tons of changes and new things.

in case you’re wondering about how much nate and jilly do or don’t look alike, here is a picture of nate at one month.  thoughts?

nate at one month

nate at one month

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  1. They do look quite a bit alike…both being super cute!…but I think they have different chins and mouths. The comparisons are fun–you should keep them coming as time goes on.

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