jilly @ 2 months


hard to believe it’s time for a follow up to my one month post.

  • well baby check report:  12 lb 13 oz – 90th percentile (the nurse didn’t have us remove the diaper though and i realized afterwards it was wet, so she’s probably a few ounces less); 22.5 inches – 50th percentile; don’t remember the measurement for head circumf., but also 50th percentile
  • milestones:  smiling a ton; lots of ahh-goo, and enn-gooing; better head control (she loves to smile and talk when on her changing table); locks legs and “stands” for short times when held upright; follows objects from side to side when moved in front of her; sleeps anywhere from 5 – 9 hours between nighttime feedings; feeds about 6 times a day

Jill seems to be falling into a better sense of normalcy.  I know what to expect from her more and more with each passing weeks.  One of my goals in the next month will be to get her on a more normal nap schedule.  She still is completely random with the naps when i let her be.  Overall she’s pretty laid back and easy going.  If you want to stay on her good side though, you’d better plan on holding her from dinnertime until bedtime.  She seems to want nothing to do with anything but being cuddled in that timeframe.  It’s too bad too because it’s the one time when Nate’s not around and she’d be safe to play on the floor.

for comparison, nate at 2 months (i’d give you his measurement, but i can’t find them until his 4 month, i wanna say 12 lb 8 oz):


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  1. This cracks me up. She’s half Trevor’s age (he’s a few days shy of 4 months) and she’s passed him. Last week he was 11 lb. 9oz. Poor little Trevor is hanging out in the 10th percentile. I swear I feed him!!

    P.S. I like your descriptions of baby sounds…I might have to borrow them some time.

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