tales of a two


(* I just finished writing this after working on it for several days.  It got long, but I promise it’s all worth reading.  Stick with it, my son is adorable!  🙂 *)

As I’ve said before, I really love Nate being two.  There is so much he can do now the biggest of which is communicate with words more and more.  We’re aren’t without bumps in the road and a tantrum here and there, but over all I love the age/stage.  I figured it was time for a Nate update since I didn’t do one at his 2 1/2 years mark last month.

Nate loves books!  He is always following me around with a book chanting, “mommy, go read!”.  And when we finish a book it’s, “one more time” or “do dit gin” (do it again).  Over and over.  He enjoying sticking with the same book over and over again countless time (which is very normal for his age).  The best part about his love of books though is listening to him read them.  He will often lie on his bed at naptime and “read” his books.  I can almost always figure out which books he’s currently reading as he goes through them.  It’s adorable.  Lately when I get tired of reading the same book 5 times in a row, I ask him to read it to me.  I love hearing what he remembers me read to him and watching him use the pictures to figure out what part of the story we’re on.  This morning I came out to the living room to find him reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – “back through snow . . .”.  He also has been reading The Foot Book a lot, “here come pig feet”.

Potty training is quite the chore.  I honestly feel like enrolling my child in daycare just to let someone else deal with it all day long.  I mean seriously, I aided in the potty training of countless twos while we were in Decatur for vicarage.  Shouldn’t I get some help too???  Overall thing continue to go alright.  We still have occasional issues and I was ready to throw in the towel about a week ago, but this week has been better.  After finding him in another pair of poopy underwear this week, I reminded him, “we don’t poop in our underwear, we poop on the potty.”  He cocked his head to the side and replied, “oh, right.  thank you, mommy.”  AS IF THIS WERE A NEW REVALATION AND NOT THE SAME THING I’VE REPEATED COUNTLESS TIMES IN THE PAST TWO MONTHS!!!!!  You’ve gotta laugh though; I had to.  (Just not to his face, a parent can’t encourage this right?!?!?)  He also has become quite the encourager and cheerleader when we go to the bathroom.  He joined me the other day and was clapping, jumping up and down, cheering, and giving me plenty of “good job, mommy” and “mommy did its!!!!”  He cracks me up!!!

One thing I’ve noticed since Jill joined the fam is that Nate has to frequently do or be a part of what she is doing.  If she is playing with her toys, he has to also play with them.  If she is lying in the boppy, he will try to squeeze in next to her.  If she is playing on her floormat gym thing, he crawls under the toys with her.  My wonderment though is when will this change?  A time will come when suddenly she is trying to do everything he does, and he will become frustrated with it.  I assume once she becomes mobile the tides will suddenly turn.  In the meantime, I’m taking plenty of pictures of him trying to be just like little sis.

My child is too young to give up naps, right???  Apparently not.  We are down to one maybe two naps a week at this point.  He will lie on his bed and look at books for 3 hours straight or however long I leave him in there, but he refuses to nap.  I’m almost to the point that it doesn’t bother me, but I would honestly still love for the return of the nap.  He does fine most days even without one, but I miss the complete silence a nap provided me once a day.  I thought maybe it was just a phase, but it doesn’t seem to be passing.

I’ve mentioned a few of the funny things Nate has been saying lately in the previous paragraphs, but the child is full of cute thing popping out of his mouth.  I wish I could videotape them, but the cutest ones are the most random and unpredictable.  There’d be no way to capture it just right.  One of the ones I’ve been hearing more of (and I”m sure I’ll get sick of it soon) is, “Nate have to . . .”.  My favorite one in the past week though is when he walked up to, leaned his head on my arm and said, “sveethaut”  (I often call him and Jilly sweetheart, and he’s picked up on this.)  I of course, “awww”-ed.  He got a huge smile on his face because he knew he’d gotten me just where he wanted me – melted his hands.  Then I figured out his real agenda.  He continued, “c’mere sveethaut.  watch veg tale”  (come here sweetheart.  watch veggie tales.)  He wanted me to turn on a movie.  (I’ve been trying to cut back on how much he watches, and he was starting to notice.)  He sure did a good job of buttering me up though, I think I gave in and let him watch it.  He called me “sveethaut”; you would have given in to.


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