music man


what can i say?  my boy loves all things music-y.

unfortunately for him, he’s not going to inherit much music-ness (you like all my made up music words?) from his father or i.

but the boy loves music.

he is always druming on something around the house.  the couch pillows are continually pulled down to be beaten upon with any tune nate hears or makes up.  shh, i hid his guitar under the crib about a week ago cause i just needed a break from the noise.  (he thinks the best time to play it is as soon as i’m talking on the phone.)  (don’t worry dave and kay, i’m sure he’ll find it soon and if he doesn’t i’ll pull it back out.)

not only does he like to play the instruments, but he also loves to sing.  he sings the veggie tales theme song (and any others he knows) with the loudest (most adorable) voice.  i’ve been told that he’s the loudest one in lambs (sunday school) when it comes to singing. 

i say all this because tonight we took him with us to see seussical the musical.  the boy had a blast.  he was timid but curious at first.  not too far into it he was clapping after the songs.  he even clapped with his feet after one song because his hands were busy giving him a drink out of his sippy cup.  by the second act, he was all in it.  clapping all through the songs, dancing, and having a great time.  i had as much fun watching him as i did the show. 

the boy has a heart for music stuff.  let’s just hope he somehow ended up with some genes that will help him out . . .

(here’s one he loves to sing along with)


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  1. Very sweet–I’d love to see video of Nate singing. Trevor is not going to inherit much in the way of musical abilities either. I make sure I play music in his room and throughout the day so he doesn’t get too used to mommy’s made-up songs, so he’ll recognize real music when he hears it.

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