they predicted 15 would die during construction, none did


i came upstairs from the basement about an hour ago and found a very welcomed sight.

nate’s underwear was lying in the hallway (he seldom wears pants around the house since he’s on the potty so often right now), and i could hear his stepstool being scooted across the bathroom floor.  yay!!!!  he all on his own realized he needed to go to the bathroom and knew he didn’t need me to help him.  that, coupled with the fact that after taking away all of his books three times for poopy underwear has led to no poopy accidents for the past week or more have meant some major strides in the right direction.  he also has learned how to turn on the water and get his own soap which means even more independence.  i often get told, “no mommy, i do it” when i forget and try to help. 

with freedom and independence come testing limits and learning lessons.  going back to being so proud of him earlier for pottying all on is own –

maybe he was trying to reconnect with his st. louis roots since that’s where he was born.  maybe, well who knows.  but he was sitting there watching his pee arch (as high as the st. louis arch) up and onto the floor.  i walked in, and he jumped a mile.  he knew he was not doing what he was suppose to.  i guess i should be thankful he wasn’t drawing on the walls.

raising a boy definitely keeps you on your toes . . .


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  1. oh that’s funny! especially funny since i wasn’t home to clean it all up.

    so were your happy and encouraging him for stepping up to the plate? or were you scolding him for swinging at the high curveball? =)

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