Jilly @ 3 months


{jill at 3 months 0 days}


a quarter of a year old!!!

jill continues to grow and develop on a pretty normal pace.  the past month has been filled with some greats and some not so greats; we get so many smiles out of her that it melts our hearts, but we also experience her first (and hopefully only) ear infection. 

here are a few things that the past month has included:

  • laughing
  • following things from side to side
  • pretty good head control
  • does well with sitting up when supported at the waist by hands
  • will hold onto toys for a few seconds; she loves to hold onto a finger or blanket/burp cloth when falling asleep
  • using her hands held together to push her pacifier back in when she realizes she about to lose it
  • swings her arms when excited about her toys
  • loves to lock her legs and “stand”
  • follows me with her eyes when i move around
  • loves to suck her thumb, although i’m still encouraging the pacifier so i can one day take it away (it’s kinda hard to take a thumb away)
  • still quite fond of “en-goo”
  • makes the most adorable bubbles with her mouth
  • is capable of sleeping 10 to 11 hours a night, but been waking up a lot lately
  • feeding 5 to 6 times a day

Nate was a pro traveller from and early age (he had travelled to both AR and NE by the time he was 6 weeks).  Jill made her first venture out of state this past month and met her AR family.  Other than the ear infection which caused a very fussy baby, she did wonderful.  We are currently suffering from Aunt T withdrawl thanks to the fact that Tori was right there to pick her up if she even looked like she might cry. 

I mentioned last month hoping to get her on a better schedule.  That has not happened yet.  I’d love to think it might work this month, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  She really doesn’t like to sleep in her crib during the day.  She also doesn’t trasfer well which is one way I was very lucky with Nate.  That means with her, I can’t move her to her crib once she’s asleep.   I know it will happen with time though.

{nate at 3 months 0 days}



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  1. Hey! This is Leslie – I just got a blog thingy annndd.. I can’t figure out to how add you to my friends list, or the equivalent.. soo.. I just figured I’d drop by and tell you hello here.. and maybe you can tell me how to do it. 🙂 Jill is precious, by the way. 🙂

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