i think i’m all caught up.  after our thanksgiving trip to Arkansas, i began to wonder if i’d ever catch up.  there are still plenty of thoughts rolling around in my head to blog about but at least the pictures are caught up. 

a few things to note:

  • i added a new link on the side of the page.  leslie has always been a like little sister to me, and she has started a blog with her boyfriend.  there are a few other blogs i should probably add on the side there, but i haven’t gotten to it yet.  maybe soon.
  • jill and i might be roadtripping this weekend.  (gotta make up my mind here pretty soon)  tori, my younger sis, graduates from u of arkansas this weekend.  (actual grad. ceremony isn’t until may, but the nursing school has some type of pinning ceremony)  fayetteville is a 7ish hour drive.  the only thing that concerns me is the time of year and with that the chance of winter weather. 

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