what a busy few days!!

we have been up at the hospital for a least a while every day since last friday visiting ann and then the triplets.  if only the hospital they were at weren’t so far from where we live in town!!!

with our busy days, i’ve been so thankful for our evening routine with the kids.  both kids go to sleep so easily, and it is a blessing that does not go unnoticed by us.  jill may fuss a little, but is usually settled w/in 15 minutes of putting her down.  we never hear a peep out of nate after putting him down.  it’s wonderful!!  now that we have jill on a bit more of a routine, she generally gets her last feeding at 8 and is in bed by 8:30.  (nate’s bedtime is generally 7:30, but we’re flexible depending on his needs.)  it’s so nice to have some of our evening back and not be putting her to bed as we head to bed.


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