one of those days


every now and then you just need somewhere to vent.

tonight is one of those nights, and this is the place. 

being a stay at home mom (SAHM) sometimes feels more like a trapped at home mom.  i had one of those days today.  it happens at this time of year.  the cold,  the snow, the wind, the ice – it makes it really hard to get out.  it was frustrating last year, but this year with two kids it’s even harder to try to get out.  the longer we’re here in the house, the shorter my patience gets.  with the holidays and then brad being off all last week, i think i got a bit spoiled.  it was so nice to not be on my own with the kids.  today was his first day back at work, and it sucked (sorry mom).  nate did really well with brad not being there today.  jill on the other hand, was not so easy.  she must have really gotten use to having us both home and us being able to tag-team with her.  it led to a very frustrated me.  i made nate cry because he wanted to help me feed jill her cereal, but it’s already a long and frustrating task w/out the help of a two year old.  i ended up in tears too b/c i felt so bad for making him cry.  i know i chose to be a SAHM, and i wouldn’t change it.  it’s just harder some days than others.  i really wish mother’s day out was an affordable option – it’d be so nice to have a day to refresh and renew.  spring will come again though.  and then we can get outside again.  hopefully there won’t be too many more days like this in the next few months that winter sticks around.

we’ll get back to cute stories and pictures with my next post – thanks for hearing me out!  🙂  i feel better already.


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  1. It’s frustrating for sure. Have you thought about maybe trying to work up a system with another mom where you watch all the kids for one afternoon a week and she watches all the kids for one afternoon a week. Even if it’s just for a few hours so you can go to the grocery store or get a coffee with friends. It might actually be less stressful if you have another kid to keep Nate busy. Hang in there, these cold months are the hardest. Come on Spring!!

  2. It is frustrating, I agree! Even though I’m not a full time SAHM but I only work part time at MDO so i do understand. Be glad that you have a place like this to vent some of your feelings:-) It does really help! Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and your SAHM sanity!!!

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