a mother’s instinct (and a doctor’s confirmation)


my gut instinct when nate sounded congested but we saw no drainage about 2 weeks ago was uh-oh sinuses. 

when the drainage started and it was clear, i told myself i’d been wrong and he had a cold.

fastforward to day 8 or 9 of drainage which has progressively gotten grosser and grosser in color, thickness,  . . . okay, i’ll stop there.

anyways, we went to see dr. shilder this afternoon, and she confirmed that it’s a sinus infection.  the good news is that she wrote a prescription for 14 days of amoxicillin. 

she also thought that the cold sore i’d found on his lower lip might instead be impetigo due to the scabbing.  she said that it’d be impossible to know for sure because i couldn’t tell her what it started out looking like.  if it is impetigo, the amoxicillin will fix that also.  if it’s a cold sore, it’ll go away on its own.

i’m just glad to know this will all soon be behind us!


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  1. Poor little guy, sounds miserable. Those cold sores are the pits, its something he may have on and off for life… impetigo on the other hand will hopefully go away and not come back. Oh the battles that go along with motherhood!

  2. Hope he’s better now. Asa and Nate are on the same page. I took Asa to the doc on Thursday and got the same dx and script. Asa’s already so much better, sleeping like a champ!

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