THE sickness



it just won’t go away and neither will my frustration with it.

nate is still sick.

we went back to the doctor monday due to a cough which had appeared on friday.  they said do nothing differerent – continue the 14 days of antibiotics, and he’ll be fine.

this morning i noticed a rash on covering his entire body.  could he be allergic to amoxicillin like his mommy?  we’re waiting on a call back from the doctor’s office to see what they say.

could we be headed for our third $30 copay in 8 days?  let’s hope not . . .


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  1. it’s a penicillin rash – very common apparently – we just have to make sure the bumps don’t become hives which would indicate an allergy. we just keep waiting for him to be completely better.

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