jill @ 5 months


another month has passed, and jill has been busy growing and learning.  here are some of the things she’s up to:

  • talks a lot.  she loves to have “conversations”.
  • lights up when her daddy gets home or walks in the room – you’ve never seen such a heart melting smile
  • loves to be held in a standing position – enjoys it even more if you make her “jump”
  • sits pretty well with a little support still  needed
  • plays with toys continually – passing them from hand to hand and testing how each one tastes
  • feeds 4 to 5 times a day – 3 to 4 with me and once each evening getting a bottle from daddy
  • eats rice cereal 1 to 2 times a day (we’re working on making the second feeding consistent)
  • has rolled from tummy to back unassisted once – she really has no interest in rolling, but i am trying to work with her on this
  • sleeps from about 8/8:30 pm until 7:15/7:45 am each night and naps 2 to 3 times during the day for completely random amounts of time

poor girl is also quite sick right now.  we took her to children’s hospital yesterday morning after she woke up wheezing and breathing very heavily.  they diagnosed her officially with bronchiolitis most likely caused by rsv.  they didn’t actually do the test to see if it’s for sure rsv b/c the doctor said it wouldn’t change her course of action at all.  we have to pretty much just wait for it to pass since it’s viral.  she’s was sent home with a nebulizer (sp?), and we should use saline drops to help with the nasal drainage.  she’s a sad sight to see/hear right now though.  she’d sleep in my arms all day if i didn’t have nate to also need me.

UPDATED:  I forgot to originally say what her weight was on her 5 month bday last week.  I had it checked since we were already at the doctor’s office for Nate.  She was 17 lb 5 oz with her diaper on and slightly wet.  She’s a growing girl!!!


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