10th trip’s free



as if we’ve not dealt with enough . . .

anyone have any idea what might be going on here? 

i noticed it early this evening – only this cheek was bright red.  (bright red cheeks are normal for him.)  less than an hour later it was gone.  right before bed i noticed his other cheek was red and had raised areas like this.  trying to decide if it warrents yet another trip to the pediatrician’s office – hopefully not. 

just figured i’d see if anyone had any experience w/ anything like this.  (it’s only been on his face)

i think i’m going to suggest a punch card at the pediatrician’s office.  “your 10th visit’s on us” type of thing.  it’s works for other places . . .  🙂


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  1. Um, if it’s still there in the morning I’d take him in, again. Is he on any meds, eat anything new, touch anything? Did you try some benedryl? How your kids manage to find all the little illnesses amazes me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. We have music class and then the gym.

  2. i’ve racked my mind trying to think of something he might have had and been unknowingly allergic to – i can’t come up with anything. he finished his amoxicillin on tuesday and his reaction to that was a rash – so i assume it’s not related to that. other than that, i’m obviously at a loss.

  3. it looks like hives to me also, might want to call and report what it looks like or better still have your dr. look at it on the blog… seems like it may be an allergic reaction

  4. Amoxicillin is famous for causing a delayed, non-allergic rash.

    So I bet it’s the amoxicillin and Benadryl would be the best thing for it, especially if it bothers him. My only hesitation is that if I see a reaction it generally starts on the trunk/back/neck, the cheek is an odd place for it to originate, but I suppose it could. If it was me, I would at least call my pediatrician.

    Poor little guy…he’s had a rough go lately. Hope Jill is feeling better.

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