Daily Archives: Monday, March 2, 2009

not me monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I’ve run across the site of the mom who started this several times in the past year or so.  Then, a friend of ours from Brad’s internship year in Illinois started to do it on her blog.  I enjoy reading it and the smile it puts on my face.  I figured that with a almost 3 year old and a 6 month old (oh yeah, and Brad) I should be able to come up with a few “not me’s”.

  • Upon realizing that the addition of Jillian to the sippy cup world as of this weekend was confusing to Nate, I certainly did not scramble to find a way to make clear to him the difference between his and her cup of the day.  My solution was most certainly not to put beer bands on their sippy cups.  Jillian was most certainly not “blitzed”, and Nate was not dubbed “wrecked”.  I’d never do such a thing.



  • I did not have to defer disciplining to Brad due to not being able to keep a straight face when Nate brought me huge wad of toilet paper and asked to be wiped.  I would never find such events funny at all.  I also did not find it completely adorable when he unwound and rewound half the roll of toilet paper either.
  • I did not just today sit down to write and sign the Valentine’s day card I bought for Brad well in advance of Valentine’s Day.  It is most certainly not sitting on the kitchen table waiting for his arrival home tonight.
  • I certainly would never have considered spending the entire two hours I’m allowed childcare at the gym each day on the treadmill just to have some alone time.  I would never use time away from the kids to be my motivation for going to the gym.  What kind of parent would think that way???  🙂
  • I did not decide today that my son watching tv from the time he gets up usually until lunch and then often from after nap until dinner was too much.  I would never have let such a bad habit be created.  Never!!  What started as one show a day has most certainly not turned into the entire playhouse disney morning line up followed by any other show I can find.  I did not decide that in an effort to get better he could watch an hour in the morning and an hour after nap.  I did not give in after lunch and let him watch 30 minutes because I was going crazy.  I also did not have to tell my son, “we’re not watching more tv right now” about 25 times in a 3 hour span during which he did not keep saying “watch my td (tv), mommy?”  I’m not responsible for the creation of this monster.  Nope, not me!


{Nate did not prove that he could do something other than watch “td” while I showered.}

Okay, so that was fun.  At least it was fun for me.  We’ll see how well I do with keeping this up each Monday.  Hope you enjoyed also!