new header up there – thoughts?  don’t be too harsh though cause i kinda like it.  a lot.  🙂

gorgeous day here.  almost 7o.  69.3.  so close!  we’ve spent all of about 10 minutes outside.

watched concordia fight it out in lincoln in the state basketball tournament.  lost.  boo.

jill has slept for all of 20 minutes today.  that’s only 1200 seconds of shut eye.  she’s currently screaming in her crib due to my abandonment of her.  seriously though the girl’s gotta nap.

“i ready, mom” is currently what my sheep nate is bleating repeating over the monitor regarding his nap.  mommy’s not ready yet, bud.

major accomplishment!  jilly rolled over monday evening!  she’s showing more and more interest!  yay!

no glue or tape was involved in the following picture!  progress.


chub.  as the weather warms and jilly begins to show off her curves (rolls) more and more people are commenting on the vast size of them.  what can i say.  we love our chubby babies.  (official weight check tomorrow for our 6 month well baby check.)


speaking of chub.  interesting conversation yesterday evening.

random person at kok:  have you lost weight?  you look like you’ve lost weight.

me:  (stepped on the scale for the first time yesterday since my 6 week post partum) yeah, i have.  (wanting to scream with glee:  10 lbs lighter than before getting pregnant with jill!! bfing is so worth it, people!)

random person:  you look good.

me:  thanks.  i lost all my jill weight right away but am still trying to lose nate weight.

random person:  that can be tough.

me:  yeah, i gained a lot with nate, and it’s been tough to get it to go away.  i gained half as much with jill and lost it all right away.

random person:  how much did you gain?

me:  (umm, do i really want to have this conversation?)  50 with nate.

random person:  woah!!!!!  50 lbs??????  that’s a lot of weight!!!!!!!

me:  (yeah.  end of conversation.  smile politely and excuse self.)

didn’t know quite how to feel walking away from that one.


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  1. Okay, so newborn life has me slow on the uptake… just now catching up with your fabulous blog. We love our chubby babies, too (Naomi and Nathaniel both over 9.5 pounds at birth). I just wanted to give you an atta girl for the weight loss. Woo hoo, Andrea! Hey, things could be worse, you could be 5’1″ (um– not like me) and have gained 50+ pounds. No, that wouldn’t look odd at all ante/post partum. By the way, if you ever need a quick curb-side consult that might spare you a trip to the paediatrician’s office– send me your question and/or digi picture to my email or just call Dan and he’ll patch you through 🙂 I’m happy to answer. Wives of Lutheran pastors have to stick together, right?

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