not me! monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

My previously potty trained child did not have 4 accidents, two of each kind for those of you who are the curious type, in less than 24 hours yesterday.

I was not secretly happy that I was busy and unable to help with the clean up of the two of the messier variety.

I do not have a mountain of stuff needing to go into the washer at the end of the hallway due to Naters wetting the bed twice last night.  This pile does not include one matress pad, 2 waterproof (call ’em what they really are people – pee proof) sheets, 2 fitted sheets, one green blankie, one yellow blankie, one comforter, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 sets of pajamas.


Jill’s diaper would never dream of leaking on a night such as last night.  The above mentioned pile would not also include one crib pee proof mattress pad, one crib sheet, one pair of baby pj’s, and a sleep sack.

Along the same laundry lines, I would not have been brought to tears this week over the ruining of a favorite shirt we’d bought Jill which she only wore once (the one in the header picture).  I would never have the desire to burn the dark pink bib which rested next to the favorite shirt in the bucket of oxyclean water in an attempt to remove nasty carrot spit-up stains.

I wouldn’t be mentioning this in hopes of someone having been in this position and miraculously saving a favorite shirt.  (Been there, tried that with a resoaking with oxy-clean, regular shout, advanced shout, and 2 trips through the washer – no, it’s not been in the dryer)


I also am not ready to do an investigative study on the implantation of muting devices in soon to be three year old boys who can’t control the urge to whine regarding everything.

I would not have resorted to this as my only option after exhausting all others:  time out, ignoring whines, whining back, polite reminders, pulling my hair out as i run away screaming for it to stop, and others.


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  1. What did she get on that shirt?? All I can say about the laundry is good thing you didn’t have one of them sleeping in your bed at some point 😦

    Hang in there, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and someday you will look back on this and laugh………… some day a long long time from now that it 🙂

    Take it easy this week, and keep up the Not Me! Love it!

  2. Carrot stains… no idea. I hate when baby clothes get ruined too! About the pee-proof mattress pads, I’ve been lucky that my kids rarely soak through their diapers. But now I realize the importance of keeping those waterproof pads for the potty training stage!

  3. Hey, Andrea… hang in there. I didn’t successfully potty train Isaac until right around 3. I think boys have a harder time, so I’ve heard. Anyway, it took about 10 days of wet beds at night to break him (but it worked).

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