I apologize to any who might have been offended my my mood in my Not Me!  Monday post yesterday.  It certainly was not my intention to offend, but to be able to openly vent making somewhat frustrating events a bit humorous.  Apparently I came off in a hugely negative way and offensive.  Sorry – I’ll do my best to stick to the roses and fluff that everyone enjoys more.


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  1. Andrea,

    You didn’t offend me in the least. I took it with the sarcasim and frustration that I hope you intended. Personally, I like to hear about some mommy mishaps once in a while it’s something a lot of us can relate too!! Don’t apoligize for being yourself and keep up the great posts on your blog!! Negative, positive, frustrated, loving, faithful… you have the range and I love reading them!!

  2. hi andrea, i just wanted to say BOO! to whoever said anything. it’s obvious you love your life and your kids! YOUR blog is a place to let some of that stuff out.

    and I thought it was highly entertaining and real. i liked it. 🙂

    just sayin!

  3. Oh, Andrea. I’m sorry people took your post the wrong way. I think it’s so important that moms are real about what it’s honestly like to stay home with young kids all day, every day. It’s not always sunshine and roses. Instead of judging each other for being real, we should be supporting one another! If you sounded negative in that post, it’s because you were obviously having a rough week. Nobody’s perfect, and we should all extend each other a little more grace. (Well, that’s my opinion anyway… sorry for the soapbox on your blog!)

  4. I completely agree with Kat! I loved it … highly humorous and makes me feel like I am a normal person! You are an incredible mom! We could all hope to be as loving and nurturing as you!

    A quote to whomever criticized your blog … “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” … this is real life!! Helloooo!

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