not me! monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

my nate did not once again make me laugh rather than discipline him.  he was not told 3 or 4 times that mommy was going to shower by herself, and his response was not to throw 3 or 4 tantrums.  i did not naively assume he had conceded defeat to me.  i did not three quarters of the way through my shower hear him sneak into the bathroom.  he was not completely naked.  and he most certainly did not as quickly and quietly as he could open the shower door and sneak in when i turned my back to hang my razor up.

i do not find fisher price little people to be some of the most amusing toys around.  the predicaments these things find themselves in when different sets are mixed together is not enough to spread a smile across my face.  i did not audibly laugh when i saw the wisemen taking the easier route to get to baby jesus.  (for other amusing adventures of our little people see here and here)


i did not use last sunday’s spring ahead as an excuse to miss bible study tuesday morning and the gym once okay, twice fine, three times last week.  i did not blame it completely on the kids’ struggles with getting up.

we are not once again living out of laundry baskets currently.  there are not four of them lined up in our bedroom.  there is also not one more load done in the dryer.  and to top it off, there is not a month worth of ironing to be done either.



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  1. living out of laundry baskets~~~ NEVER!!!!
    I would just like to have my clothes CLEAN and in baskets!!!

    And my daughter d/n try to get in the shower with me but she does feel this is the best time to ask me to do something for her~~~never before I get in!!

    Great NMs

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