Daily Archives: Friday, March 20, 2009

in response


i’ve been meaning to get around to commenting back regarding several recent comments.  rather than go back to each post and do it, i figured i’d just put up a new post.

first, thanks for all of the supportive comments about a week and a half ago.  it was a few bad days.  over now – thank goodness.  the comments were great though esp. since so many of you are home with your little ones and completely get where i’m coming from.

as for the stained shirt – it’s been replaced.  the only replacement one i could find was a 24month, but it will be great for next winter.  now if i could just get myself to throw away the ruined one!

jessie – getting two to smile in one picture . . . hmmm, jill’s almost always willing to smile for the camera.  nate has picked up on how many picture i take of her because of her smiles, and he’s now asking for his to be taken.  when nate was the age of aiden and addison, he wouldn’t smile for the camera at all.  it was so frustrating!  i think getting both to smile is thanks to the difference in their age.  as soon as the camera began to ignore the non-smiler (nate), he was willing to cooperate.

kat – thanks for the comment!  thanks to the link on matt and lindsay’s blog (back when they actually wrote on it), i’ve been reading yours for quite a while and love it.  your nate is adorable and getting huge!!!

margi – thanks for the support over the lost weight!  i appreciate it.  more appreciation though for the offer of your medical smarts!  i’ve thought a time or two, “if only i knew someone who i could just ask.”  i might just be taking you up on your offer!!!

brad, margie, tori – thanks for sharing your green!  thought more might share, but it could have been because i didn’t get it posted earlier in the day.

everyone else! – i love the comments!!!  keep ’em coming!!!