Daily Archives: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

breathe in – 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. – breathe out


it’s been one of those afternoon/evening.

that breathing technique stuff they teach you in childbirth class – it seems to be useful even after the fact.

tuesday mornings are great for me because in the fall and spring i get to drop the kids in the nursery and attend a bible study with other women.  nate’s a pro at it and enjoys getting to go play in the train room.  it’s been a bit rough on jilly though because it throws off her entire morning routine/schedule.  we usually spend the rest of the day trying to readjust.

today we were dealing with that issue plus some really tough teething.  nate was unphased by teething.  even when he got his huge molars, nothing.  it was like nothing was happening.  not so with jilly.  the poor girl.  it peaked about a week ago when the first one came through.  i assume the one right next to it must be trying to come in now because we’ve peaked higher this time.  from about 1 o’clock on she couldn’t nap, couldn’t play, couldn’t keep her left hand out of her mouth.  she was miserable.  i finally got her to take a nap around 3ish, but it didn’t last long.  i ended up trying to rock her back to sleep, but when i tried to put her down, she’d wake up.  she was crying so hard during her dinner that she only ended up eating half of it before i gave up.  as long as i would hold her tightly snuggled to me, she’d be alright, but if i need to do something like use the restroom or fix dinner for nate, she lost it.  (of course this is an evening that brad has to work late)

she’s in bed now.  some baby orajel along with a full tummy seemed to calm her down.  hopefully she sleeps deeply all night.  brad is going to pick up a new thing of baby ibuprofen on the way home since i only had half a dose worth to give her earlier.  let’s hope we’ve been through the worst with this tooth.

this momma is worn out.





just had to share.

have more.

will share later.

thinking i could make a couple $$ selling these.