pulled the trigger



we finally pulled the trigger on a new car seat for naters.  we’ve been debating back and forth for quite a while now with which to go with.  we ended up going with the graco nautilus.  we’ve loved our britax roundabout, but couldn’t see spending what it cost to move up a size or two, and really liked how the graco one grew with him.  the babies r us lady that helped us said that it is one of the most popular ones, and doesn’t get complaints.  i liked that she was honest about which ones didn’t get great parent feedback regardless of the price tag. the 5 point harness weight on it is 65lbs where as most others are only 40 or 50.  our goal is that he should be able to be in a 5 point harness until jill needs this seat when he’s about 5 1/2 or so unless he get’s too tall before then.

it passed our test, but we still had to take it home and see if it passed the true test.  the nate test.  he loved it.  he couldn’t wait for us to get it all adjusted just right for him.  he really wanted to go for a ride in blue right away, but we made him wait until after dinner since it was already getting late.  the smile on his face was priceless.

it also ended up passing one final test.  he quickly fell fast asleep in it.



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  1. We’re going through the car seat dilemma now. Trevor is getting too long for his infant seat and we’re trying to decide whether we should get a 65 lb. weight-limit seat that will last him or to get him one now and a booster later with the idea that baby #2 will take over the toddler seat. The trouble is that we don’t exactly know when baby #2 is coming or when Trevor will reach 40 lb.

    This one looks nice but we need one for an infant <20 lb.

    • when nate outgrew his infant carrier (at 6 months!) we got the britax roundabout. we have loved it, but they do cost a pretty penny (it is the least expensive of all the britax though). i would recommend it it anyone, and it goes from 5 – 40 lbs. at the same time we also bought an evenflo titan elite for our babysitter who would take him once a week. it was terrible! i would never recommend it even though the price tag was much much palatable. the babies r us lady this past week even confirmed for us that the evenflo one is one they receive a lot of negative feedback on.

      as for when trevor would reach 40 lbs., it’s hard to say. nate is 34 lbs. and will be 3 in less than 2 weeks. the carseat we just picked up for him has a minimum weight of 20.

      we find carseat choosing to be so stressful!

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