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jilly @ 8 months



  • nurses 3 times and gets one before bed bottle
  • eats one jar each of a fruit, veggie, and meat a day along with a serving of oatmeal
  • loves gerber puffs and also teething biscuits –  is doing pretty well with her pincer grasp
  • love to use her net feeding thing with any fruit or veggie we’re willing to put in it
  • has to be eating at the table when we’re eating – table time is no longer toy time
  • gets a sippy cup with 2 oz. pear or apple juice with 2 oz. water mixed – after finished she gets just water and prefers all of this to be at room temp rather than cold
  • still has just 2 teeth – thought we were going to get a couple more, but not quite yet


  • naps 2 to 3 times a day anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours which dictates if 2 or 3 are needed
  • wants nothing to do with being rocked to sleep
  • still sleeps with hands behind head
  • scoots from bottom of crib to top through out the nap/night
  • goes to bed about 7:30 and wakes ups between 7:15 and 8 in the morning


  • loves to sit next to a basket of toys and pull them out one at a time until it’s empty
  • turtle is still her favorite
  • will play in the exersaucer for short times (no more than 15 minutes)
  • figured out in the last week how to get from sitting to tummy – still perfecting the gracefulness of this motion
  • loves to stand and play – against a chair, couch, coffee table, mom’s leg, wherever – has learned to bend when falling so she lands on her bottom rather than back – fewer tears this way!
  • tries to get up on all 4 and is semi-successful – usually ends up scooting backwards across the floor
  • loves to pull a blanket in front of her face and play peek-a-boo


  • she’s a jabberer!  constantly has something to say
  • she loves to mimic sounds right now
  • she’s been very into the “b” sound the past few days – i’ve been working on her saying “bye-bye” as i wave – she’ll mimic me with the words and motion but not consistently
  • i’ve begun some sign language with her, but i’m terrible at being consistent with it – need some good resources for signing
  • she loves to make sounds of all types with her mouth


  • what a smiler!  she’s willing to share a smile with just about anyone – preferably from the safety of mom or dad’s arms though
  • she seems to be coming out of her latest bout of stranger anxiety which is very nice for us
  • she loves to observe everything that is going on around her – she’s very curious

i’m sure there’s more i’m forgetting, but this seems like enough.  i’m shocked that it’s been 2/3 of a year already!  i’m anticipating that she’ll be crawling by the time we’re ready for a 9 month update!

a trip to space


or at least the space needle.

we’ve been busy.

let’s just say seattle is a great place!  i loved our vacation there!


no not me!  monday today.  hopefully i can make it up tomorrow as i have a few things in mind for it.  this evening has been spent recovering from vacation and awaiting pictures of my newest nephew.

now it’s off to bed as i try to readjust my body which thinks it’s just 8:30, not 10:30.

one last thought – it’s not always cloudy and rainy in seattle – take your sunglasses!

introducing henry joseph


we’ve welcomed our 4th out of 5 babies expected this year between my sibs and brad’s.

henry joseph ellis is here.

he was born at 6:14 pm weighing in at 7lb 6oz and 19.5 inches.

ginny, everett, and camryn were happy to introduce him to everyone.

for now my introduction will have to be through pictures.


be sure to check out their family blog for other pictures and updates.

now we have a few more months to wait for our next nephew.  yup, it’s a boy!!!

derek? meredith? where are you??


not trying to not post this week, but it’s been a busy one.  lots of fun family time.  unfortunately, i have no pictures to share right now.  not even really any cute stories either.  nate and i have both been not feeling 100%, but are doing better.  i’ll try to get some pictures today and post later.  i just wanted to at least check in.

not me! monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

MckMama is not not me!ing right now because baby Stellan is still having issues with his heart.  They have relocated to a hospital in Boston to be with a doctor that will hopefully be able to help Stellan work through this.  Currently the plan is for Stellan to have surgery tomorrow.  Be sure to both pray for him, his family, and his medical team and to also head over and check on how he’s doing.

Being a pastor’s wife is not what I ever thought I’d end up as.  I’m fine with it.  I love my husband and wouldn’t want thing to be any other way (okay, other than closer to Little Rock).  One of the most stressful thing about being married to a pastor though is the kids.  You know you’ve noticed in the past.  PKs (pastors’ kids) are one of two extremes:  really rebellious or really goody-two-shoes good.  There is somehow not that middle of the road kid.  I suppose if I had to pick either really goody-two-shoes sounds a lot less stressful in the teen years to deal with.  That being said, leads me into my first not me!

I am not beginning to be concerned about Nater’s future career path at only 3 years of age.  He is not currently in a drop my drawers stage.  He did not lightning fast drop both his jeans and underwear the second our pediatrician walked in the exam room for his 3 year check up.  I did not sit there in shock with Jill on my lap trying to figure how to explain my way out of this one.  It did not take several long, shocked seconds for me to come to, set Jill down and redress my Brad’s son.


As we were hanging out in the Haven (Sr. High area) after worship yesterday, Nate was not up on one of the pool tables crawling around.  He did not then, as I watched in slow motion horror from across the room while changing Jill’s diaper, drop his pants to around his ankles, again!!!!  The Haven was not full of teens and parents wondering what in the world this PK was up to.  I did not turn 12 shades of red.  Shrugging my shoulders, I did not shout for Brad to go take care of his son.

Going back to the doctor, I was not also amazed by Nate.  I’d asked at Jill’s last appointment if we should expect any vaccines at Nate’s 3 year check up.  None were needed, but they would need a finger prick to check lead levels in his blood.  I remember this from the 2 year check up, and it wasn’t pretty.  He didn’t totally surprise me with is reaction.  He was not fascinated by what the nurse was doing.  He did not watch in awe as she squeezed his blood out of his finger and into the vial.  He made it through with out a single tear!!  Oh wait, he did not start crying up a storm when they went to put the band-aid on.  My mom use to have to hid the band-aids from Tori.  I will never have that issue with my son.  He hates them.  He did not immediately return to normal the moment I removed the yellow crayon band-aid.

I did not text my older sister, Ginny, yesterday the following message when I heard she was back at the hospital:  “umm, i picked friday.  so uh, no pushing until then!  love you!”  Let’s hope she knew I was joking!  (Gin – Really, I was kidding!)  I am not super excited that it looks like my nephew will be born at some point this week!  (A week from today at the latest.)  I am also not hoping for my brother and sister-in-law to find out tomorrow that their expecting a boy.  I am not hoping this just because Lindsay says if it’s a girl she’s most likely done.  I have not all along had the gut instinct that it’s a girl.  My gut instinct is not seldom wrong.

That’s all for today.  Hopefully this next week will be filled with many funny not me! worthy moments.  (But none that include being pantless.)

the line


where do you draw it?

as i sat wasting time at the computer the other night, brad was making a sandwich for his next day’s lunch.  i half heard him say something along the lines of, “think i could use this for a sandwich bag?”  my response, “huh?”  getting up this is what i saw:


we do what we can in our house to be as recycling-able as possible.  i had to wonder though if this was taking things a bit too far.  probably not, but i don’t plan to save every zipable bag we finish for brad’s sandwiches.

thinking about recycling made me realize how funny i find our glass bin.  take a look.


yup.  booze and baby food.  good combo, huh?  a mountain of it.  you have to carefully place any new bottles or jars and hope that an avalanche doesn’t suddenly begin.  i think it’s about time to drop it off (our curbside won’t take glass, boo) and start again.

my husband, being of the slightly competitive variety, might just see it as a challenge to make sure there’s more beer glass than baby food glass.  🙂

catch up – birthday


lots to say today.  bear with me.  rathar than 5 or 6 seperate posts like i’d normally do, i’m going to just seperate it out but keep it in one post.


see, not so bad.


i spent all, honestly all, last week dealing with nate asking questions about his birthday.

“it my birday, mommy?”

“no, nate, it’s a different day, saturday.”

“it’s a different day, mommy.  satday.”

“really, nate???”

only had that very conversation 50 times last week.  when he woke up saturday morning, we went in and told him it was his birthday.  he kept asking, “where my birday?”  to him birthday means cake.  grammy (my mom) came to the rescue with the idea of a birthday muffin for breakfast.  it came complete with candle and singing.


later we headed out for some birthday fun at the bowling alley.  it was way more fun than i would have dreamt it would be.  my big disappointment was that the lanes were too high-tech.  i was looking forward to all of us, especially myself, getting to bumper bowl.  but no, these lanes were programmable to have the bumpers come out only for those who need them.  oh well.  so i didn’t end up in first place, no big deal.  right?


nate got to pick what animal face he wanted his cake to be.  i was hoping for the giraffe b/c he’s adorable, but he wanted an orange kitty cat.  so that’s what the boy got.  he was so proud of his cake.  i was thrilled to have mom there to help, fine, i only did 3 rows of stars, decorate the cake.


he got to open some of his gifts that night, and saved the rest for the next day.  we’ve found in the past that nate easily gets gift overload.  he’d rather just play with what he’s already opened.  it’s better to spread it out for him rather than open everything all at once.




after a quick try out of the scooter, he headed in for a birthday cupcake.  we realized just after finishing up singing we sang at 7:43pm which was his actual birth time.  kinda cool.



jilly just finished her very short 56 minute nap.  guess i won’t be getting as much into this post as i expected.  i still have lots to blog about so check back.  i’ll get more done just as soon as i can.

not me! monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

whew, i am not totally exhausted from the busyness of the last few days.

i was not totally thrilled to have my parents here friday through today.  i certainly did not let a few tears fall as they drove away this morning.

nate was not totally spoiled with great outdoor things for his birthday.  sand table, swing set, scooter . . .

although we dyed easter eggs, we did not skip the egg hunting once again.  my son certainly has not missed out on his tradition all 4 of his easters.  (he was 5 days old his first easter.)  (since he doesn’t know about dates and such, hopefully we can fix this in the next week many times over.)


i am not so excited that the hubby took the baby out on an errand while the toddler is asleep (yes, napping).  i am not fully enjoying the completely silence of the house other than the keyboard.

unfortunately, i am not not going to ignore how much i can and should get done during this time.