mom of the year? month? week? day? anything?


it’s been a tough one.

a tough week, that is.

one in which i doubted and questioned my ability to be a mother.

especially a stay at home one.

the stressers?

jill and her exertion dependence.

nate and his exertion of independence.

although opposites, both are equally challenging.

thank goodness for grandma patty!

(you’d never know she wasn’t one of our kids’ official g-mas.)

a couple of venting phone calls led to reassurances

and offers of help!

three times this week i was able to get out w/out the munches.

twice alone and once from 10:30am – 5pm yesterday with the hubby.

what a blessing.

lesson learned:

am i the best mom?

probably not.

that’s alright.

i’m a good mom and the best for my kids.

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  1. I so appreciate your honesty. I think most of us are guilty of putting up a smiling facade and not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and admit that we’re not (quite) Superwoman. Fact is, we all have days like that.

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