not me! monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not skip worship yesterday morning just because I didn’t have it in me to face winter once more.  I did not not go just because I didn’t want to haul both kids in the snow and wind by myself across the vast expanse we call a parking lot.

I have not been holding back on my son for almost 3 years in the breakfast department.  I did not just show him Sunday that you can put milk on cheerios.  I most certainly did not indulge him this morning when he also wanted to add “cheese crackers” to the bowl.


I was not totally corrected by my son this weekend regarding specific names of trucks.  When he asked and I lazily responded that a truck in a magazine was a “digger”, he did not say, “no” and then run off.  He did not reappear shortly carrying his handy pocket guide and open up to the page of farm machines.  Pointing to one (one exactly like the magazine but in a different color), he said, “read mommy”.  Mommy sheepishly did not read, “front end loader”.  He did not then point at the magazine picture, look at me, and say, “it’s not a digger, it’s a fron en woader, mommy”.  I am not completely amazed and frightened by his memory.


Brad and I did not use part of our date day on Friday to go to the teen center at kok and play wii.  We did not leave wishing we could have one for our house.  We did not get the same “want it” bug on Sunday after two other wii encounters.  Wii most certainly did not decide that wii really wanted one and of course did not give in.  We did not “joke” about if it could be a tax write off work expense since our small group kids will most likely use it on Sunday nights.  I’m not headed off to pratice my tennis game while the kids nap.


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  1. Too funny…we just got a Wii on Saturday and I am sadly addicted to Mario Kart. I beat Derek tonight and he has the next two days off with Trevor so I know what he’ll be working on (not that Knorrs are competitive or anything). I’m also enjoying the Legend of Zelda…a lot of problem-solving.

  2. You’ve come to the Wii dark side! Nick and I were totally addicted the first few months we had ours. I’ve found that Aidan and Addison are fascinated by the bowling and the Wii Fit game that has soccer balls flying at you. Just saying… in case you decide to give Wii a try while the kids are up.

    I love the picture of the cheerios and cheese crackers! Priceless.

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