carnivorous baby


it’s amazing how much i’ve forgotten since nate was jilly’s age.  luckily a lot is documented on the blog and can trigger my memory.  unfortunately for my forgetful mind, not everything is documented.  like, when did nate start getting jars of meat?  i honestly can’t remember.  any of you who read this with babes a few months older than jilly remember when you started with jars of meat?  i’d love to know.

also on the same topic, i scanned a page from last jilly’s six month packet of info we got from the doctor.  it’s always so nice to have something to read and make you forget just how long you’re waiting . . .  🙂  i jumped at the idea of meat/veggie combos with nate.  i’m all about the ease of baby food.  seriously, who loves the mess of feeding baby mash after the novelty of the first week  wears off?  after reading this an then confirming it standing in the baby food aisle at walmart, i don’t think i’ll be going the “easy” route this time.  maybe i’m the only one out there that didn’t read the jar before feeding it to my guinea pig first child, but in case i’m not . . . hopefully this helps another mom.



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