catch up – birthday


lots to say today.  bear with me.  rathar than 5 or 6 seperate posts like i’d normally do, i’m going to just seperate it out but keep it in one post.


see, not so bad.


i spent all, honestly all, last week dealing with nate asking questions about his birthday.

“it my birday, mommy?”

“no, nate, it’s a different day, saturday.”

“it’s a different day, mommy.  satday.”

“really, nate???”

only had that very conversation 50 times last week.  when he woke up saturday morning, we went in and told him it was his birthday.  he kept asking, “where my birday?”  to him birthday means cake.  grammy (my mom) came to the rescue with the idea of a birthday muffin for breakfast.  it came complete with candle and singing.


later we headed out for some birthday fun at the bowling alley.  it was way more fun than i would have dreamt it would be.  my big disappointment was that the lanes were too high-tech.  i was looking forward to all of us, especially myself, getting to bumper bowl.  but no, these lanes were programmable to have the bumpers come out only for those who need them.  oh well.  so i didn’t end up in first place, no big deal.  right?


nate got to pick what animal face he wanted his cake to be.  i was hoping for the giraffe b/c he’s adorable, but he wanted an orange kitty cat.  so that’s what the boy got.  he was so proud of his cake.  i was thrilled to have mom there to help, fine, i only did 3 rows of stars, decorate the cake.


he got to open some of his gifts that night, and saved the rest for the next day.  we’ve found in the past that nate easily gets gift overload.  he’d rather just play with what he’s already opened.  it’s better to spread it out for him rather than open everything all at once.




after a quick try out of the scooter, he headed in for a birthday cupcake.  we realized just after finishing up singing we sang at 7:43pm which was his actual birth time.  kinda cool.



jilly just finished her very short 56 minute nap.  guess i won’t be getting as much into this post as i expected.  i still have lots to blog about so check back.  i’ll get more done just as soon as i can.


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