the line


where do you draw it?

as i sat wasting time at the computer the other night, brad was making a sandwich for his next day’s lunch.  i half heard him say something along the lines of, “think i could use this for a sandwich bag?”  my response, “huh?”  getting up this is what i saw:


we do what we can in our house to be as recycling-able as possible.  i had to wonder though if this was taking things a bit too far.  probably not, but i don’t plan to save every zipable bag we finish for brad’s sandwiches.

thinking about recycling made me realize how funny i find our glass bin.  take a look.


yup.  booze and baby food.  good combo, huh?  a mountain of it.  you have to carefully place any new bottles or jars and hope that an avalanche doesn’t suddenly begin.  i think it’s about time to drop it off (our curbside won’t take glass, boo) and start again.

my husband, being of the slightly competitive variety, might just see it as a challenge to make sure there’s more beer glass than baby food glass.  🙂


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  1. Love it, looks like ours. There is a drop off near church. We stop there about once a month after Sunday service. Send it with Brad to work. Love all the recycling!

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