jilly @ 8 months



  • nurses 3 times and gets one before bed bottle
  • eats one jar each of a fruit, veggie, and meat a day along with a serving of oatmeal
  • loves gerber puffs and also teething biscuits –  is doing pretty well with her pincer grasp
  • love to use her net feeding thing with any fruit or veggie we’re willing to put in it
  • has to be eating at the table when we’re eating – table time is no longer toy time
  • gets a sippy cup with 2 oz. pear or apple juice with 2 oz. water mixed – after finished she gets just water and prefers all of this to be at room temp rather than cold
  • still has just 2 teeth – thought we were going to get a couple more, but not quite yet


  • naps 2 to 3 times a day anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours which dictates if 2 or 3 are needed
  • wants nothing to do with being rocked to sleep
  • still sleeps with hands behind head
  • scoots from bottom of crib to top through out the nap/night
  • goes to bed about 7:30 and wakes ups between 7:15 and 8 in the morning


  • loves to sit next to a basket of toys and pull them out one at a time until it’s empty
  • turtle is still her favorite
  • will play in the exersaucer for short times (no more than 15 minutes)
  • figured out in the last week how to get from sitting to tummy – still perfecting the gracefulness of this motion
  • loves to stand and play – against a chair, couch, coffee table, mom’s leg, wherever – has learned to bend when falling so she lands on her bottom rather than back – fewer tears this way!
  • tries to get up on all 4 and is semi-successful – usually ends up scooting backwards across the floor
  • loves to pull a blanket in front of her face and play peek-a-boo


  • she’s a jabberer!  constantly has something to say
  • she loves to mimic sounds right now
  • she’s been very into the “b” sound the past few days – i’ve been working on her saying “bye-bye” as i wave – she’ll mimic me with the words and motion but not consistently
  • i’ve begun some sign language with her, but i’m terrible at being consistent with it – need some good resources for signing
  • she loves to make sounds of all types with her mouth


  • what a smiler!  she’s willing to share a smile with just about anyone – preferably from the safety of mom or dad’s arms though
  • she seems to be coming out of her latest bout of stranger anxiety which is very nice for us
  • she loves to observe everything that is going on around her – she’s very curious

i’m sure there’s more i’m forgetting, but this seems like enough.  i’m shocked that it’s been 2/3 of a year already!  i’m anticipating that she’ll be crawling by the time we’re ready for a 9 month update!


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  1. (RE: your next post) They are obviously related but Nate and Jill definitely look less alike than they did in their earlier pictures. I love Jilly’s expression in that photo.

    I’m by no means an expert when it comes to signing with baby. We’ve been trying it with Trevor for about two weeks with no signs yet, but, like you, tend to be very inconsistent. Despite my failings, you might find this book helpful.


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