not me! monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Okay, not me!  seattle version is not happening.  I’d created a mental list throughout our trip of things to not me! about last week.  Brad worked a crazy-lot last week and this weekend (or at least it seemed like it after having him all to ourselves on vacation), and I just never got around to it.  Moving on now.

During one of the nights that Brad was not working, Nate and I did not have the following conversation:

N:  What doin’ mommy?

Me:  Cutting coupons, buddy.  (I was not a couple weeks behind on this fun task.  Seriously who pulls the pages she wants and procrastinates cutting them for weeksNot me!)

N:  Too-pons scare me.

Nate is not currently “scared” of just about everything.  This is surely not due to the trauma of taking the van through a car wash while he was in it.  I did not have to crawl back to his car seat and hold him as he cried for it to stop.

Brad and I could not be found crawling around in our yard on 3 separate days this past week pulling every last dandelion (we did not let it get to the point of 100s of plants) and then spraying it to death.  We are not totally obsessed with having a dandelion free yard.


I did not have to sit Nate down on Saturday and have “the talk”.  The pink cup talk.  I did not tell my son that he had share the pink playtex sippy cup with his sister.  He did not find this to be terrible news because he’s certainly not obsessed with all things pink.  We do not daily hear, “want the pink milk cup.”  This certainly does not stem from a sister who’s continually getting pink things or a mom who constantly claims the pink ikea plate (best plastic plates ever!!!) on pancake morning.  (He did let her use it – for one day.)  (I will win the ikea plate back!!!)


I did not make my husband the happiest husband alive this weekend.  I did not buy him and Nate each a nerf dart gun.  My husband did not get the excited giggles.  They are so not fun to shoot eachother with.  I’m certainly not contemplating whether mommy needs one too.  I have not promised Brad his father’s day present will be a lot more darts.

(loading a couple of pictures in isn’t working right now – i’ll try to add them in later but go ahead and post this now.)


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  1. When we moved to our new house I had some dandylion issues. The people before us had not kept up with the weed killing. I spent 3 days on my hands and knees pulling the tops off. I got three 5 gallon pails of heads. I sprayed those darn things until I thought that I was going to kill the grass.

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