need my med-sin for my tumdy. really hurt.


i haven’t had a clean house in days weeks since we got home from vacation.  there’s always more.  i can’t seem to keep up with being active and outdoors in the nice weather with the kids and getting things done around here.  by the end of the day i just don’t have it in me.  what’s that?  what about naptime, you ask.  well, ummm, yeah . . . .  don’t blame me for not being productive at naptime; blame the computer.

i took nater gator to the pediatrician’s office this afternoon.  he had a bout of 8 days worth of diarrhea that started our first full day in seattle.  (lovely – i know!)  it’s been cleared up now for  over a week.  he has still been complaining of his stomach hurting and such though.  at first, i assumed he just loved the medicine.  which, is true, he loves getting to take medicine!  “my tumdy hurt, mom.  i need my med-sin.”  he was still talking about it though each day.  brad and i chatted about what to do and decided it was time to see what the doctor had to say.

turns out that due to the extended bout of diarrhea he is probably temporarily lactose intolerant.  oh, did i forget to mention the gas this little man has had?!?!?!?  when you have aforementioned issues for extended periods of time, tiny hair-like things in your intestines have the tips broken off.  those tips help with the digestion of milk and other dairy products.  it geneally takes about 17 days for them to repair themselves; during which time, lactose intolernce can occur.**  i feel for the little guy since i too suffer from adult onset lactose intolerence.  luckily, he should be good as new in another week.  if for some reason he’s still complaining in a week, we’ll do an xray just to make sure everything looks as good as it felt to her today.

**i’m not a medical expert – just trying to remember what the doc told me.  if i totally got this wrong or misunderstood – apologies for any confusion.

as if a hurting “tumdy” weren’t enough, he also gave us quite the scare sunday night.

we’re were downstairs watching slumdog millionaire (so good!  and i usually hate or plain just don’t get oscar movies.), and i thought i heard crying upstairs.  i listened more intently and didn’t hear it.  a little while later, the movie got quiet, and we heard screaming upstairs.  i thought nate had fallen out of bed or cracked his head really hard on his shelf headboard.  we rushed upstairs and found him drenched in sweat, screaming, crying, wriggling, but completely out of it.  i scooped him up (i’m crying also at this point) and carried him to our room.  he began to settle some, but was really dazed for 5 to 10 minutes following.

eventually he woke up, but couldn’t tell me what had scared him.  the next day i looked up night terrors, which i had only heard of before, but i felt pretty sure this is what had occured.  dr. shidler today agreed that it was probably a night terror.  hopefully this won’t become a common issue for him because it is truly scary to watch.  next time i know to not pick him up, but i have honestly never been as terrified for my child as i was sunday night.

hopefully the next few days will be a bit more calm than the last few!


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