no running with scissors


i’ve been wondering for a while now.  when exactly was the last time nate got a haircut?  thank goodness i take so many pictures.  it was january 30th!  i’ve really been enjoying it longer, but wonder if it’s becoming too shaggy or if it soon will.  is the reason he never seems to hear what i ask him to do because his hair currently falls so far over his ears?  i’m enlisting the help of you – faithful and opinionated blog readers.  share.  to cut or not to cut?

{feb 5th, 2009}


{may 5th, 2009}




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  1. i tend to like short hair on little boys but he does look very cute with it longer..maybe just a little trim and not a massive summer buzz like i always do with my boys.. hope his tummy feels better soon.

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