bloggy blahs


i must confess – my blogging has been lacking lately.  i’m completely uninspired.  i never know what to blog about, but i feel like i must keep blogging.  even if it’s about nothing.  like a plastic sack in a tree.  pathetic.  i know.


we headed down to the farm friday.  it was a much too late trip down.  i can’t even remember the last time we stayed there overnight.  it was so nice.  i loved getting away.  it wasn’t until we were there that i realized just how much i needed to be out of and away from our house for a while. 

we spent plenty of time outside enjoying the nice weather.  high point:  four wheeling with dave and brad.  low point:  finding tick on leg the next day.  boo.  nate had such a great time with all of the fun farm things to do.  four wheeling was definitely his favorite.  he took many trips down to the train tracks and also went to the top of the “mountain”.  jill even got to take a couple of rides herself. 


our plans tomorrow?  not sure.  grilling will take place.  jill will be dress in red/white/blue.  nate too.  glad my little brother is safe and on u.s. soil this year.


i have a photo shoot planned in my head to do with jill.  i’m looking forward to finding a time to take her out sometime soon.   it includes a field of golden rod.


i took my weekly garden pictures last week, but i never got them posted.  my goal is to go ahead and post them in the next day or two, but i’ll backdate them.


that’s about it for now.  oh yeah and i’m contemplating a trip down to lr with just the kids and i in the next few weeks.  i might be crazy to attempt it.  we’ll see.

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  1. i’ve been feeling the same way about blogging, not much to say.. maybe it’s all the facebook time i’ve been doing.. speaking of that did you take Hannah’s how well do you know me quiz? there is a reference to you on it 🙂 maybe you could blog about that LOLOLO!!

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