we picked up nate’s glasses tuesday.  he’s been really good about wearing them most of the time.  we try to let him take a break from them every now and then if he’s been good about wearing them.  he must be seeing somewhat of a difference just because he’s so willing to wear them.  i obviously am going to have to do some figuring out how to take his picture with out the constant glare, but he was really excited to get his picture taken to show his grandparents and according to him, “aunt t, too, mommy!”

i’m going to head back into hibernation mode for the next few days.  i’ve come down with some virus that is causing my entire body (esp. my head and back) to ache.  chills seem to come and go.  my stomach usually feels alright, but it also has it’s moments.  the doctor said their seeing a lot of this right now.  the aches will give way to tummy issues in the coming days.  it should take 10-14 days to run its course.  hopefully i’ll get lucking and it’ll end early!  i’m going to head for the shower and then down for another nap until the kids are up from afternoon nap.


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  1. yeah – it was one of the first things i mentioned. he said it’d be too early for any reaction to that but went ahead and did lab work for it just be on the safe side. he also did thyroid lab work just to rule out any change in that level. i’d love to hear back from the lab before the weekend, but i assume it’ll be next week.

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