pictures: gpa visit and swim time


last friday evening brad’s dad stopped by on his way through town as he headed back home.  it was a treat that we always enjoy and look forward to.  we played out back for a while and then he joined us for dinner.  i don’t think any of us were quite ready for him to take off so quickly but understood he was ready to get home.  i think the best part of the evening for me was seeing that jilly is becoming very comfortable with her grandpa.  she spent quite a bit of time in his arms or with him helping her with walking.  (gpa – we’re all looking forward to our farm visit!)




our other big news is the great deal we got on our pool this weekend.  when at target on saturday i almost bought the pool i’d been wanting all summer.  i decided on sunday when it showed up on the front of their add half price that it was time.  while nate was at school monday morning, jill and i headed out to pick one up.  after dinner we all headed out to let nate play in it again and also let brad give it a try.  i didn’t get many pictures though b/c jill was soon ready for the three b’s:  bath, bottle, and bed.  i’m sure we’ll spend a lot of time with it though in the next couple of months!




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