to the lake



is it possible to go on vacation with two small kids and relax?  well, it had it’s not so easy moments, but overall, it was a success.  we spent tuesday – thursday about 30 minutes away at what we affectionately refer to as lake durbin.  we are so appreciative of their offer to let us use their lake house for a few days.  it was the perfect getaway in the midst of a crazy busy summer.  although he had no clue what a lake was, nate sure couldn’t wait to get there.  (thank goodness it was so close!)

once there we quickly settled in and headed down to the water.  nate did a great job of being willing to be brave but still his normal cautious self.  he would tell me he was “really deep” when he would crouch down in knee high water.  adorable!  jilly took a bit of work to figure out.  in the sand she would find all the larger rocks to immediately attempt to eat them.  she also was not a fan of the same float we use in the pool with her when she was in the lake.  we attempted to try a life jacket, but the screaming seriously was not worth it.  in the end we let her play right by the shore and sat right beside her.  i honestly don’t know how we’d ever make that type of trip with 3 kids, there just wouldn’t enough hands and eyes!

brad and i made sure to take full advantage of nap time for us to be in the water without the kids.  each day we’d put them down, carry the monitors outside, and float for the next hour and a half until jill’s cries interrupted.  so peaceful!  (until the cries of course.)  i’d like to think i came back just a tad tanner and not a bit redder than when i headed there.

this was seriously a perfect trip to have after so much away from each other time this summer.


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