if it works for the body, it’ll work for the teeth. right?


naters:  (congested sounding, playing in bathtub) i meed keeneck.

me:  alright.  blow.  let’s go ahead with your allergy medicine for the night.

naters:  what’s that mommy?

me:  it’s your medicine, bud.

naters:  (swallows medicine)  i need a drink of water.

me:  you can have one when we brush your teeth after bath time.

naters:  i know!  my bath has water!  (bends down to take a drink)

me:  no, nate!  the water’s soapy from jilly.

naters:  (puts mouth in water again)

me:  what are you doing?  i just told you don’t.

naters:  clean teeth mommy!


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