jilly @ 11 months


i’ve missed the past two months with recording what jill’s currently doing.  it’s a great way for me to remember what happened when.  i know, it might seem boring to some of you, but you can always skip it.

motor skills

  • crawling
  • cruising
  • momentarily standing unassisted (once took 3 steps, but that was weeks ago with nothing since)
  • walking while holding onto one adult hand (prefers two hands)
  • loves to wiggle and dance
  • learning to throw a ball – maggie enjoys this!

communication skills

  • says “mama”, “dada”, “hi”, “bye”, and “ah-da” when asked if she’s “all done”
  • waves, signs “more” and “all done”
  • jabbers more and more each day

consumption skills

  • loves!!!!! to eat
  • nurses 2x a day, plus one sippy cup of formula
  • downs her 20/80 juice/water sippy in about 3 minutes each morning
  • off baby food and on regular food 100%
  • favorites include any fresh fruit
  • has acquired 7 teeth (with #8 getting closer) for chomping

zzzzz skills

  • naps 2x a day anywhere from 1 – 2 hrs. (usually 1 hr. 30 min.)
  • bedtime is 7/7:15 and lately she’s been sleeping 12 hours


  • doing better with having less stranger anxiety issues
  • loves anyone willing to hold her hand to let her walk rather than crawl
  • loves to cuddle her mommy and daddy, but not a fan of big brother cuddling her
  • loves to swing outside
  • growing longer by the day – weight has definitely leveled off (12-18 month clothes)
  • has enough hair to hold her bows – no there’s nothing other than the alligator clip holding them on

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