would it be wrong to cover the mattress in a black trash bag?



this curious, big blue eyed, lovable monster girl of mine isn’t feeling quite well today.  (above picture is fully healthy, not today jilly)  she’s on her third set of bed sheets and her 4th set of clothes.  she vomited 3 times before 8:15 and once more afterward.  her momma’s very proud of her for keeping the 40/60 gatorade/water mix down that i gave to her 5mL at a time every 10 minutes for a grand total of just under one ounce in an hour.  (baby steps)  when she wakes up from what is her third nap of the day so far, the nurse said to double her liquid intake to 10mL every 10 minutes and see what happens.  (toddler steps?)  if she can do that for 4 hours, she can try some bland food.  although the sickness is no fun for her or i (or nate who was really looking forward to our tuesday park time with friends followed by our weekly gourmet lunch at sam’s with daddy), she’s still jill.  big blue eyes and curiosity are firmly in place as you can see:


(earlier today)

just kidding about the trash bag of course, although clean up would be easier.


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