whatcha got to say about, huh


so i’ve been missing for nearly 2 weeks.  whadda ya gonna do about it?  not much?  that’s what i figured.

first it was jilly sick.  then nate.  then jilly again.  finally last tuesday we had healthy children again.

the house was still on the market though which meant no rest for the weary.  oh, did i mention that while we had 2 sick kiddos, we had 3 showings friday, 2 saturday, 1 sunday, and 1 monday.  seriously, what’s with that kind of timing???

ahhh, but the light at the end of the tunnel, the gold at the end of the rainbow, the (you fill it in) at the end of the (you decide).  (i couldn’t think of anymore.)  the people who looked at it friday, saturday, sunday, monday!! – it’s theirs.  well, not yet, but it will be!  we got our coveted sold sign today!!!  we also bought ourselves a new house which is currently waiting on drywall and should be finished in the end of october.  needless to say, we’re so excited!!!

so, with healthy kids and a sold house – i’m back to blogging!!  yay!!!

oh, and we have our inspection of our current house wednesday.  it’s only 3 years old so there’s nothing we know of wrong with it, but it still seems stressful.  i know we’ll feel much better once we get past that hurdle.  please pray for the process to go smoothly and without and issues.


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